The making of a masterpiece. The production, entertainment, ambience, tastes, quenchers, styling and everything in between.


The industry is overwhelmed with cookie cutter events. A one size fits all approach that thrives on repetition. Our concept was concrete and thrived on the desire to do….different. We asked ourselves, what next? Instead of operating in isolation we teamed up with the best and brightest in the business and together redefined what we all do so well, to ensure that our evening showcase was nothing short of exceptional!

Our goal was to create a harmonious collision of design, dining and entertainment to inspire and ignite the future of events.



Upon entry to Central Pier the greeting was graced with ignited roller-skating acrobats, dressed to give a glimpse of the evening’s festivities. Gliding and geared with tricks, torches to light the way and pyrotechnic clad backpacks, this team of trailblazers enthusiastically escorted guests to Sketch where the night officially commenced.



Our virtual host for the evening was specifically manifested to enhance and lead guests through the experience. A virtual avatar vision with futuristic appeal and a worldly accent. Voice and facial expressions were expertly studied and considered to ensure a life like resemblance to the newest and most advanced addition of the showcase team. Her name was Iris and she was hauntingly hospitable.



A sensory stimulant where on entry a circular LED screen suspended in the center of the room activated our virtual host. Intense purple grids of laser light filled the room, enhanced by spotlights and strobe beams.

Couture models were captured and caged in falling LED spheres whilst beats pulsated throughout the purple haze to add to the desired ambience.  The floor to ceiling glass displayed a superb waterfront view where the skaters continued to play at pace.

Food fuel…
freeze dried young coconut, tom yum foam, puffed grains
pizza stracciatella, tomato air, red garnet
scallops ceviche, finger lime, compressed cucumber, blood orange powder
foie gras parfait, brioche, asparagus, horseradish powder, raspberry strips

The dr-ink!
a tall glass with ice cubes, 60 ml of ink gin, 200 ml tonic water, stir and add a lemon wedge



Neon arrows directed guests from Sketch to their next location and neighbouring space, Sumac. We were transported to another scene unlike the one before. Suspended high above the ground were aerialists harmonious and synchronized. A vibrant blue light complimented the display of human precision.

The electric cellist serenaded guests, creating an otherworldly experience. Sumac was styled with vivid customised centerpieces and enhanced by a white feature wall which displayed an immersive underwater visual. Bubbles and haze continued to fill the room to create a dream like state of euphoria.

Molecular must have..
40 ml blue curacao syrup, dash of fresh lemon juice, 20 ml simple sugar syrup, 200 ml lemonade, 60 ml soda water, tablespoon of fruit caviar



Progression continued to the third stop of our showcase extravaganza where MAIÀ transformed into a dark abyss with a single tunnel of light piercing through the space. Central and dramatic, resided a DJ who infused the room with electro-pop. Twenty dancers line the purpose built scaffold around the space before bursting into an energetic routine capturing the attention of each and every guest within the room. Contemporary and thought provoking, the entertainment was designed to demand attention even after the spectacular displays from the preceding line up.

Food for festivities…
sea urchin sashimi, samphire, edamame, ginger, tamari, ume seeds
slow roasted lamb shoulder, celeriac and coffee cream, gullac and kale powder
salmon, scallops, squid ink, champagne cream, Yarra Valley roe
polenta cake, roasted artichoke, pumpkin, beetroot, Persian feta, basil pesto

Beaker beverage…
30 ml absolut vodka, 30 ml kahlúa, 30 ml espresso coffee (cold), 10 ml simple syrup, 3 whole coffee beans



From MAIÀ, guests were escorted out along the pier to peek at the city silhouette before entering the next destination, Peninsula C.  Overcome with the sights, sounds and tastes from the night so far, this portion of the evening was designed to bring guests back to a blank canvas space. Black walls and dark floors allowed for the entertainment and production to speak volumes.

The expansive space was well executed with action packed pockets everywhere your eye would wander. High above were aerialists, swirling and swinging from the ceiling. To your right, fire performers added flair to the mixology masterpiece. Cocktails flowing and music pumping as the temperature of the room started to soar. Guests filed in with enthusiasm and energy. Words of “what could possibly happen next?” spoken as the production kicked into high gear. Fire towers began to spit flames from every corner of the space and the presence of a hanging carcass causes the conversation amongst guests to surge as they approached the aromatic Argentinian Flame Grill food station…
wagyu steak, chimichurri
asado beef, cilantro salsa
grilled chorizo, lime salsa
grilled sweet corn, paprika butter
polenta, rosemary and thyme chips
spanish patatas bravas, parmesan, garlic
served with condiments…
chimichurri salsa
green charmoula
cilantro, red onion and tomato salsa
paprika butter
selection of mustard and relish
pickled jalapeno
chipotle mayonnaise
re-fried beans
spicy tomato salsa
shredded cheddar cheese
sour cream

A centre stage builds anticipation for the formalities of the night and finally our virtual host for the evening is now joined by our human hosts and the masterminds behind the showcase, CEO of Atlantic Group Hatem Saleh and Director of Solution Entertainment Brad Hampel.



….suddenly the speeches subside and the attention is firmly on the black drape concealing the remainder of Peninsula…
the drape dramatically parts….
music booms and sparks proceed to flourish from the ceiling in a downward descent to reveal the final destination of the evening.

Greeted by a UV bar, guests continue to move around the room where every inch is covered by food stations, lounge areas and a dance floor to solidify the celebration. In the center of the venue is a large table in the shape of a “Y” where edible chocolate domes sit perched on the sleek surface; untouched and appetising. Big and small with various fillings and finesse, the domes lay in wait while an aerialist descended from the ceiling with a small tool in readiness to shatter and reveal the sweet seductive centers. Chocolate explodes into tiny pieces and the table becomes an edible, vibrant work of art where guests are invited to indulge in spoonful’s of taste bud teasing pleasures.

The space was buzzing with laughter. And special guest Consentino made the masterpiece absolutely magical with a performance that played perfectly to the party flourishing in the final hour of the evening.

Food for the finale…
Laboratory Station
butterfly pea, white coco tea, lemon, tangerine pearls
mastic and rhubarb syrup, tapioca pearls, activated basil seed
blood orange, pink peppercorns, passionfruit foam

Seafood Station
tuna sashimi
king fish sashimi
atlantic salmon sashimi
freshly shucked oysters
cooked australian prawns
south australian black mussels, pipis, champagne chilli, lemon sauce
yarra valley salmon roe
wasabi caviar
avruga caviar
scampi new zealand caviar
tobiko flying fish caviar
balsamic caviar
blackcurrant caviar
yuzu caviar
served with condiments….
soy tamari
chilli and ginger rice vinegar
sweet soy and black vinegar
red wine vinegar and shallot
chardonnay, cucumber and raspberry
sliced lemon
sliced limes

Mushroom Station
wild mushroom and truffle soup, garlic croutons
stir fried mushroom varieties – abaloni, white funghi, black funghi, brown, button, enoki, field, flat, king, baby king, morrels, oyster, truffle, portabelle, shimesi, swiss brown, chanterelle, pine, sleperro jack, shitaki – sautéed with garlic oil; herb oil; olive oil



Such a spectacular event! An experience unlike anything else with the best in the business behind the scenes and a guest list gathered specifically to gravitate to the moments, the madness and the magic. The journey…crazy. The boundaries…obsolete. The gratitude….great. Thank-you to everyone that thrived on the theatrics.

The piros have fizzled, the performers have packed up, and Iris is looking for her next gig. Until next time …..